Support Taking too long to Reply

Guys I have a problem game flip support is taking forever to reply I have 2 request and it has been already 12 hours is this normal or they just don’t wanna talk to me

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It’s normal, what is the problem?

But I normally get a response in 5-6 hours

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It is now 15 hours almost

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What is the problem you are trying to resolve?

A game key was fake and this is the second time so maybe that is why?

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It just takes time as they don’t have a huge staff team, be patient. Everything will be resolved, just DONT rate the seller as this finalises the transaction.

I had a similar issue with game key not being right they responding with in 12 hours tho.I was wondering could it be that pissed them off so much that they don’t want to help me anymore

That is definitely not the case, they just aren’t available 24/7. If a few days past and still no response, submit another ticket as a problem might have occurred, you never know. @illi-mit

Hi illi-mit,

Support is not ignoring you. They receive hundreds of reports a day and they do their best to serve everyone in a timely manner. Please keep in mind that support isn’t in the office during the weekends and holidays, so you won’t be receiving a reply until Tuesday since Monday is MLK Jr. day. Hang in tight and you will be assisted during a business day!

Most businesses don’t close on MLK day. Even if it’s a holiday (like Christmas), my observation is they still respond, albeit with a slight delay.

If you don’t hear from them more than 24hr, then it can be considered slow :slight_smile:

This is a topic from 2017 it’s 2019 and i have 5 and 7 days old tickets WITHOUT A REPLY.

Welcome to Gameflip

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Thanks for the warm welcoming @U.S.ArmyMP

I told you in another post that you need to send me your invite code via PM.

It is the 5 or 6 post you have created/commented with the same sucject. If I see any other one, i’ll have to silence you here in the forum due toe spamming.

I’m always around, so you just need to PM me.

Spamming will slow me down (since I have to check every post).

Messages are sent. I also sent you a first PM a couple of days ago i had no idea you guys were not around during the weekend. You can check PM.

@DunnBiscuit ?

You are not the only person trying to contact him and constantly @'ing him will not speed up anything like he said if anything you will make it take longer with constant replies and messages just relax and wait like everyone else