Europe Support for gameflip

I think this site needs at least someone to take care of posts from europe cuz i believe whole gameflip team is from US and support reaction time is soooooooo slow.

@Janek_Krzys Sorry if you received a lengthy response time. Our initial reply time is usually under 24 hours. Please note that customer support does not work on the weekends. Any issues reported over the weekend will receive a response on the following Monday. Thanks!

yeah i need to wait 24h for every single reply. and now my credits are gone and no one wants to answer me if i can get them back after my account will be unbanned.

yea - i wait too some days for answer from support. I dont have any bonus credit but i have money from selling keys in account. I sold (lost) 30+ keys, i dont want to count.

Will be nice to have in europe support, staying late night is hard from people in europe.

@Janek_Krzys Hi there! I found your tickets. Your first ticket was sent to us on Friday at 9:30 AM and you received a reply an hour and a half later. You replied back at 4:30 PM Friday just as the weekend was beginning and received a reply this morning, the following Monday, at 10:30 AM.

That being said, you will receive a reply to your latest message by end of business today.


Yeah got my reply. They told me that they cant unban me because they dont have any evidences but they can ban be without evidences? Like really who on earth would make 63 fake acxount in like 10mins? And why would i need 63 refs? Cant you see that its all legit? Really guys just give me my credits and unlock my account i got you 63 new members and you just blocked me.

u just lost time, idk if i get unbanned but i lost 30+ keys (2.50$ 1key) + 2 games. I lost real money sadly. And i still wait for answer. i have sent screenshot with trade history etc.

@damian_kowalski You should receive a reply today. Thank you for your patience!

For me tomorrow… xD