Seller trying to scam buyer

I purchased an iTunes code from this seller (SuWu So Cool) who sent me this code: Dsghdgvbnjjnfdscggnuudfrbn

I have purchased many iTunes code to know that this is an invalid code. However, to amuse him… I tried to redeem it and of course received an invalid code message. I reached out and asked he either provide a valid code or cancel the transaction. He insisted that he sent me the right code and asked that I rate him.

He is a new seller and has 3 other listings. Please review this seller as it seems like he is trying to scam buyers into rating him. I have made 155 purchases on Gameflip and received only good rating.


@DunnBiscuit would you be able to look into this please?

Gameflip cancelled the transaction so the money went back to my account. However, the seller is still listing items. Buyers, becareful buying from him and do not rate until you redeemed a valid code.

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Hey man, can you send me a link to this user’s account so I can investigate this further?


This is the link to his account

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