iTunes buyer scammers are bothering me

so I’ve been selling in gameflip for a long time , recently there are scammer in itunes gift card section buying my codes redeeming and opening disputes. funny thing is they are all the same person. Gameflip please do something and help me out. look at disputes on my itunes cards, look at the names and please remove this person from site. I’m not going to sell itunes cards with these guys around
my inv code: U15P2Y

ex look at this guy opened disputes on all my cards with 2 different accounts:

When gameflip solves the disputes, you can simply block him/them.

Did they help you?

Could you explain who is “they”
If you mean gameflip support, they definitely helped me

You are right they are (was) slow, but now as @DunnBiscuit said they hired more people, and the time of solving a ticket diminished a lot.


You already commented about this on another topic and I answered you there.

I’ll close this topic.

Thank you.