buyer scammers!

Please do something with this new account users that are buying my product and putting under dispute!
And claiming my iTunes code are already used. This is annoying already this kind of buyers are hoping that they will be given another code. Which are already unfair for a good selling with a good reputations with out bad rate. Don’t get me wrong i really love gameflip and this is my favorite so far but this kind of system want me to quit selling because i already lost a lot since i sell 100$ worth of itunes. Instead of earning i feel like i get robbed by this kind of buyer scammers.

Please admin help the selling to track down this scammers. Thank you so much and more love to the gameflip sellers and admin.

Kindly look at this image, this accounts are newly made. Majority of the buyers who puts under dispute on my items are this 1 day old or newly made accounts.

Could you copy and paste those Order # (hold press + Select All) so the moderators can look it up quickly?

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