a new group of buyer scammers appear

There are new buyer scams, they have already purchased the goods and asked you to send high-priced items. If you disagree, they will give you malicious bad feedback.

They bought a $10 item and told me that I wanted $40. Otherwise, they will give me malicious and unfriendly feedback. He told me he didn’t have money, but he wanted more skin. I really can’t believe it. There will be such buyers here.

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My code 9VYMA8
Order ID 3541a39e-abc0-4236-8b88-e2c1b286eb81
Order ID 18a0003b-4c22-4371-bcc2-e05f88f5ceac

@ MajorTomPlease help me. Thank you very much

Has solved the problem, thank you very much