Buyer making new accounts to make purchases and immediately asking for refunds.

Is there a way to protect myself from this? I fear it will hurt my account if I constantly have someone buying codes just to ask for refunds. I’m losing both the codes and the money and intentionally my 100% feedback I’ve earned.

A buyer bought several keys for Skyforge for me in the past, no issues, all for NA servers. Yesterday they buy same one for EU server and claim it doesn’t work. In our conversation (which I hope GF folks can see) they clearly do admit they haven’t properly read the instructions that you can only redeem one item pack per account no matter whether the in game characters are NA or EU servers.
Once they realized that, they made a new account, bought another EU pack and immediately asked for a refund claiming somehow the code doesn’t work. Their profile image was an old guy holding up a fish with the flag of the United States, obviously not the EU. When I asked if they made sure they’re on the right servers and haven’t redeemed the same item pack before, they started making excuses.
I’ve sold numerous codes for this game before, both to this buyer and others and there were no issues, but how do I protect myself from this now?

My point is, I don’t care if I lose 0.67 cents over this one item pack, but I’m worried if the continue to do so by constantly making new accounts and if I will continuously have to justify myself just because of some buyer’s mistake and too much pride of admitting it?

links to “original” user:
order ID of the first claimed invalid code: fa650375-026f-410f-974e-1e5a0dcf7619
links to the new account made for harassment:
order ID of the new purchase: 6afecb2b-ced8-4250-b64a-6b44ffe347c2

Edit: After this I’ve asked for screenshots of the account and the issue from “both” users, as none were provided before. Hopefully this will help my case somehow because I don’t know what else to do.

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Hello, after further eveluating, I could complete the dispute transaction for you.

The other one we will need more evidence from the buyer.

This kind of issue might happen to every code seller. You may block the user so he can’t purchase for you any more. Also you may try to gather information about the code being valid prior to listing it. Then, if the code is sold and the buyer opens a dispute, you may send that evidence to the buyer and to us so we can evaluate this further.

Thank you.

New user has to go through many verification processes before being able to make a purchase. It’s quite frustrating for scammers to do that over and over again. Don’t worry too much!

Good morning/evening/afternoon. The exact same buyer is now doing the same with me (I should have blocked him when I saw this).
Order ID f20b88b9-9ed1-4ff9-ad42-876ef405c776
He ALMOST had me fooled! I was going to give him another code right away but then remembered this case and his name “enoch davilmar” from some scam case here.

Please suspend this user or at least give him some other sanction. This is not the first time he has attempted to scam.

Natblidas, thank you for reporting this case here. I almost fell for it! He almost had me fooled, but because you spread awareness I was able to recognise this scammer. Thank you.

Thanks for reporting. I’ll investigate this user further by keeping an eye on his next moves.