Seller bought item for wrong region

I have had this problem four times. Whose fault is this or should I just refund the buyer. Last time the buyer stole my code.

Buyers fault. They should check region before buying.

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If it’s auto-delivery then you don’t have to do anything because the buyer will receive and see the code. If it’s manual and the buyer request a cancellation then you should cancel it to avoid the hassle with the buyer; state the reason “Other” as the buyer bought for wrong region so the admins know it’s not your fault.

Well I am dumbass. It was the same guy and he used the code each of the 4 times. He was scamming me each time. He made the excuse it was for the wrong region over and over again. I should of just let it go through and Gameflip ban him.

Each time I contacted Microsoft Support they told me the code I had was used by the someone the exact same day. The exact same person pulled off the same scam on me 4 times. How can I be so stupid.

Please post that user’s profile URL and your own profile code so the moderators can check.

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