i bought the wrong thing help ADMIN

i bought a xbox gold code that does not work in my region and the seller isnt responding at all, i just want the purchase cancled so i can buy a code before my gold runs out tonight.

You are responsible for what you did. If seller clearly said Xbox Gold Code is for different region then you have to take it. You can re-sell it or something. Of course if code is working, you can check that with Microsoft Support, also you can try using VPN in order to activate the code.

It is your own responisbility for what You are buying.

He already gave You the code so You could be trying to scam. Make account for the region that the code is and use it. Not his fault. Yours

i havnt used it or anythig like that im just trying to have the transaction cancled so i can buy a gold for us region, the seller already confirmed that i havnt activated the code or anything of that sort… im no scammer

U can do it after he cancels. Sorry but Your fault

i know i know i was in a hurry and needed a gold card by tonight i didnt get to read it through fully

If he hasn’t given you the code yet all you can do is ask for him to cancel and wait. If he doesn’t cancel you will get the option to cancel after the delivery time has expired and you will be refunded at that time.

I think he got/saw the code already. If seller wrote for what region was code for example 'only europe" and buyer is from usa, there is nothing gameflip will do. It gonna be a buyer fault, not seller.

If there wasnt such information about region, or was “global” since it wasnt - there gonna be a seller fault.

Ummm, to give you a proper answer, I need the order code.

Can you send it to me?


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