Question, I need a lil help here asap.

Hey just a question, if someone buys a key that isn’t available for your country, Example you live in Europe and the key is restricted to only Australia, and you bought it, even though it states in the description that it is restricted to that country only, Whose fault is it going to be? Is it the buyer or the seller? If the seller made the mistake of buying a key that isn’t available to his country mistakenly because he didn’t read all the description properly, Is he allowed to make a refund?


This is usually the buyer’s fault. When you buy any item from any place you have read the item’s description. If the seller already stated for which country the code is and the buyer didn’t read it properly, the dispute is usually ruled to the seller.

But, of course, our team will investigate all the details of the transaction before making the final decision.


When I sell a key that is region restrict and the buyer not read it, I ask the buyer if is it that he want, if he says no, I cancel the transaction and the money back to the buyer

Cancel the transaction? Where can I find that button?

Hey, if you can’t find the “Cancel” button within the sale page, contact us at, Thanks!

Right now I can’t double check that as I have been mysteriously suspended
for no reason at all.