Region Restriction "None/Global" but sold a region locked key

Bought a game key that had on the listing details no region restrictions but when I went to redeem the key it was region locked to Argentina. Seller had the region restrictions in the video game description and not the listing details. Can I still get a refund and is this covered by Gameflip grantee?

Edit 1: In the listing details seller put “None/Global” but had instructions to redeem the key through a vpn in the game description details. I could follow that but I thought I was being sold a key that was not region locked. I also do not want spoof my region because that will violate the companies TOS

Not sure about refund but it is not allowed when seller tell buyer that he/she have to use VPN in order to use the key/code/item because they did not specific the region restriction. The seller should state clearly under ‘region restriction’ if there are any region restrictions.

You can open dispute on your purchase and provide screenshot proof that it is region locked to Argentina when you try to redeem and that seller did not put it under ‘Region Restriction’

You can also provide the order ID here
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Hey, thanks for filling me in on the info. I did open a dispute and my Order ID is: d04b83e7-12c0-4a60-bb7b-45bfdff0ad41.

edit 1: deleted my previous post because I did not reply to you, I replied to the thread.

Is my info/ pictures I post in the Dispute chat hidden from the seller? I blocked out my email when I redeemed the key in the picture because I was not sure if they can see it or not.

There are 2 sides where you can chat/post pictures when you have dispute open, one is with the buyer and the other is with Gameflip. They can’t see the side where you send evidence to Gameflip.Likewise for their side with Gameflip.

I believe you can also escalate the dispute. Will have to wait for a reply or from

But you could always submit a ticket to support as well (Just something extra)
FYI - I am only Forums Mod so anything related to Gameflip itself I can’t check or know.


I had several experiences where sellers provided different information in their description than they did in their title or listing details. If the information in the description is there for clarification because the listing details fields didn’t give the seller the ability to add complete information, then I believe there is no seller foul. But if the product description has contrary or misleading information that is substantially different that what was in high level listing details, then I believe the seller is at fault.

As always, it is best to read the whole listing, including the description, and ask questions to the seller if there is any confusion. If the description seems clear, but conflicts with what is expressed in the listing details I would advise not to make the purchase.

I know this is hard to do at times, when rare items become available or coupon codes are ready to expire. So, if you purchase because there is some sense of urgency, just don’t redeem the item until the seller gets back with clarifying information or corrections. I believe GameFlip would be supportive of the buyer if the seller provided false or misleading information and then refused to take the unused item back for a refund. If the item is already redeemed by the buyer and the seller has a convincing argument as to why they listed the item that way, it is more challenging to get a fair settlement. Because GameFlip has no way to facilitate partial refunds, there is no straightforward way to find a middle ground.

In the case where the seller is breaking the GameFlip rules (e.g. by selling an item that requires a VPN to use) then the buyer shouldn’t lose the dispute, because the item was never allowed.

Interesting, including more info in the description does makes sense. However the seller could have easily put the region restriction to “Argentina” instead of putting None/Global in the listing details. I already talked to the seller and he does not want to refund me. He want’s me to install a VPN to redeem the key. But now I know for next time to be more vigilant when I buy keys.

I honestly wish we had some region filtering to avoid these kinds of confusions.

As I said, “If the information in the description is there for clarification, because the listing details fields didn’t give the seller the ability to add complete information, then I believe there is no seller foul.” Since there was a place for the seller to easily and clearly put that information in the listing details, IMO, the seller is at fault.

Also, I would think if the seller broke the rules, by requiring a VPN, you should be able to successful contest the sale and get a refund. It shouldn’t be the buyer’s job to police the seller rules.

GameFlip could use some additional filtering for sure. Or at least advanced search capabilities that would allow sellers to exclude certain terms like “VPN”.

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Hi canti_enjoi24,

I see you’ve already opened a dispute ticket and escalated the dispute, so the support team will check it soon.

Regarding the listing, for region-restricted items, we ask sellers to always specify the region in the region field. The buyer should not be required to use VPN to receive the item or code.

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I also sold a Call of Duty Steam key as no region restriction.
The buyer told me the key can only be activated in germany. It was not my intention.
I never got the information that the key can only be activated in Germany.

I tried to activate the code and it worked in Germany. Refund was requested immediately.
Too bad about the key and euro but I would ask for the same if I were in that situation.

It can always happen for good or for bad.

I agree with MajorTom that without information, the buyer cannot be asked to do this.

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