Big problem, with my sold listing

Hi, I have a big problem, with my sold listing, that was cancelled, this:

I sold that listing few days ago and the buyer said that key is not redeemable in his region, so he started a dispute, but he already in that time redeemed a key through VPN and he was lying that he cant use VPN, now already he even got a refund and if I am right he cant get a refund and also redeem a key.
What should I do?

If they open a dispute on the code you need to send evidence to Gameflip showing Gameflip what you just said is true.

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I know I sent it, but I dont know it went through my internet(slow speed) and its already closed and transaction was cancelled.
What should I do?

You’re the seller so the only way the item could say cancel is if you canceled it.

You don’t need fast internet to send emails.

Lucy :heart:

I didnt cancelled it but i forgot to mention, that buyer opened a dispute, that he cant redeem it, because its region locked but he still redeemed it through VPN and he also got a refund


I can check this for you.

Can you please, PM me with: Your profile code and the order ID here?


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