Bad key given (says already redeemed)

I need assistance with resolving a dispute on my most recent transaction in a more timely manor.

I was given a code that was already redeemed. I have tried to resolve with seller first, but they have not responded even though I know they are online.

If the seller will fix it, them that’s fine. Otherwise If the seller will not fix, them I want to cancel and buy direct from Microsoft being that it is on sale for $66 (still more than I paid here on GameGlip.)

I have provided pictures for proof, please let me know what else may be needed.

Is there a support phone number?

Order ID: 51a803b4-b894-42fc-9495-3acea89f4add



Are you able to assist with getting a response on this issue? It has been 5 days since I filed the dispute and have not received any response at all from the seller nor GameFlip. I have provided screen shots of my account and the bad key. I have purchased from this seller 1 other time without any issue, so I do believe that this may just be an error, but I have received zero communication from anyone.

Hey @DarkKnight are you able to assist? We are on day 7 now and I am about ready to just file a dispute with my CC company and write off GameFlip for good. You can see from my account that I am long time customer with many purchases, but have finally had issues with this purchase and one other and found the down side to GameFlip… The lack of support.

Due to the time it took to get a response on my previous issue I filled a CC dispute and now my account is locked. I can’t even comment on this open dispute with GameFlip. Since my other issue got resolved I tried to cancel the CC dispute, but I cannot, GameFlip must respond to it, and then I can agree that the issue was resolved with the merchant.

  1. How am I to resolve this dispute if I can’t respond (GameFlip hasn’t responded either)

  2. How do I get control of my account back?

Hello @Curtis_Bracksieck ,

We are sorry for any inconvenience and for the wait, but usually disputes takes a bit more time to verify since the Support Team needs to verify evidence from both sides.

I also can see that your issue is being handled by the Support Team. So please provide them every detail they request ok.

Now, regarding the lock, you needed to resolve this issue firstly with us since it was already going through a dispute process. Now in order to have the Support Team verify if it is possible to unlock the account, you need to provide them evidence that the chargeback was removed.

Unfortunately, we are unable to take action from here regarding this case, so please continue to resolve this issue with the Support Team ok.

God Speed! :trident: