Sold items but pending

I sold a gift card to someone, glad i took screenshot as after he received the code and redeemed it he blocked me and went on gameflip, instead of rating he disputed me.

It was 7 days ago when this happened and i contacted support on day 1 with proof and screenshot everything. Till today no reply and still on hold. Can someone help please?

@DunnBiscuit Order IDe0e9f2ac-9cdb-4bbb-9494-0156ca282ae7

no one to help ? been like 2 weeks

Did you create a support ticket? When the buyer dispute, you can also send support proof so Gameflip can help resolving the dispute.

its been 2 weeks, yes i did. at the trade i pasted + i emailed them + i messaged support. no reply till today. fml

Hello @Fahmi_Ali,

Please send me your ticket request number via PM, I’ll answer it as soon as possible.

Thank you.

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