Sold an item. Still on hold after 4 days.

I sold an Amazon Gift Card on August 26.
Order Number: 47cd2401-2d36-47e9-92c8-584bbbaa9e65
The buyer opened up a dispute right away. I’ve tried to contact them but they would not respond.
It’s been 4 days now and I’ve still not gotten my payment, the order is still in review by gameflip, and Gameflip won’t answer my support ticket.
What do I do? Do I cancel the order? The buyer won’t communicate and Gameflip hasn’t reached out to me about the item being in review.

Hey I answered your ticket, please check my answer and we will continue this conversation there.

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Thank you, I replied to it in the gameflip help center page for my ticket.
I replied to it in the link above. Just read the last big message, the 2 messages are above are the same thing, just seperated