Under Dispute Review take so long

I bought an Amazon gift card 1 week ago the code doesn’t work then I sent a message to seller to see what happened and send him the screenshot of the wrong code but I didn’t receive any answer from him for that reason I escalated this to Gameflip support and provide them all evidence but still “Under Dispute Review” for 4 days

I contact Gameflip support and also send a PM to @DunnBiscuit & @MajorTom but still didn’t get any response from them

here is my profile code and the order ID:


Order ID :b00f55fe-0399-45b5-b53c-0d36779c4463

Please help me out

Thank you

Hello @Youssef_Federer

When opening a dispute, some people have said that it takes weeks. Hopefully, it should be done quick.
The mods will speed up the review. @MajorTom @DarkKnight @DunnBiscuit


We are already reviewing this issue via DM / ticket.

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