Dispute Taking too much time

I am a seller on gameflip. I earn Amazon gift card by participating in Amazon affiliate program and sell here.
On 5th October, I listed my amazon gift card (US) on gameflip worth $421.70 and a user named Heather bought it. He has redeemed this card and opened the dispute after 2 days of gift card delivery. He is saying that this gift card has been applied another account.
I am the first owner of this card and never used it. He is trying to scam me. I have sold so many gift cards here and never got this problem.
I have submitted the evidence to dispute center that I am the first owner of this card. Its been around 4 weeks and this dispute is still under review.
How much more time I have to wait for dispute resolution?


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You shouldn’t sell a gift card that you got for free in this case, they literally requires purchase receipt from seller

Let’s see what @DarkKnight can do for you

@ydvajitoutlook pls send us the order ID so darkkinight can look into it

This is not free, I earned it.
I mentioned in listing that I have earned this gift card from amazon affiliate program. I have email from amazon affiliate for gift card payment.
My order id is a9375e30-1e57-4adf-bbb7-b5fcfa67df1d