Dispute Process with Panda company

I have made multiple amazon gift card purchases on gameflip so far without issue and this is the first time ive had to initiate a dispute so if someone could help me out that would be great. I purchased a $500 amazon gift card on gameflip order #e35aeb0c-7033-4b7f-8bbe-8d6b77173ef4. Seller Panda company sent me 2 codes both of which had been redeemed on another account and do not work. I provided proof both times with screen shots and now the seller is no longer responding to me or communicating with me whatsoever which has forced me to open a dispute and escalate. I would now like this order cancelled and payment refunded to me. Can someone tell me how to proceed next because this is my first time using the dispute feature or am i realistically out of luck with my money.

@DarkKnight Can you please help me look into my dispute and resolve

Can anyone tell me how long dispute processes normally take, I needed to buy something and since my order is in dispute its now held

Hello! Usually dispute takes up to 5 days, but if it is escalated it should go faster

Hello @xnknown,

I have verified and the Support Team sent you an email requesting further information to proceed with the dispute process.

So please provide them all the information that was requested and if you are waiting for a response from someone, make sure you inform them that the requested information is being gathered.

Also, keep in mind that if they do not receive the requested information within 2 days, your claim can be denied.

God Speed! :trident: