Big issue with seller

Hello. I faced with problem. I try to write in all details for better understanding. So, 22 April morning I bought few keys of popular game from one seller. Price was very cheap, seller has good rate (about 50 positive). So, I bought few keys. After few hours I bought rest of codes. Generally I bought 20 keys and amount was not small. After it I tried to redeem one code on my account and I met error with text “code was redeemed earlier”. I tried to redeem second code and error was same. I chose one random key from quantity I bought from this seller and I also met same error. I was confused, but I wrote to support of game. After conversation with support I received proof about time of redeeming one key from all keys I bought. Time of redeeming this key was 22 april 5:30 pm UTC, another words my key was redeemed 7-8 hours after I bought it. But I didnt redeem this key and another keys!!! I don’t understand why it happened. I have few ideas about it, but I hope it is not true. So, my ideas:

  • seller are honest, but he has problem with his supplier;
  • seller tried to sell same keys few times on different marketplace and he did it.
    First idea sometimes happens with sellers and its normal, I hope in this case all will be good. But if second idea is actual, I think it is kind a great scammy attempt against me.
    I paid a lot of money for these keys and I dont want to lose them in this case. I am honest, I am a long time on this market place and I like to have fair transactions.

Can anyone give me advice what should I do in this problem?
Yes, I opened dispute on all orders from this seller

You should send the proof you got from the game support to Gameflip if you haven’t done so already. This will help speed up the dispute process in case you escalated all the disputes. In case you didn’t escalate the disputes, try to solve the issue with the seller and you cavn’t solve it escalate the disputes.

Thank you.

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Luckily seller agreed about his mistake, he has issue with his supplier. I wait for solving problem from side of seller. Lets wait

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