Need help from support/mods

Seller advertised cdkey as region: Global (that means without restrictions). I tried using Cyberghost VPN Premium to activate cdkey but its not working.
I tried USA, Canada, Hong Kong and his region Vietnam. Also this my first time buying cdkey on gameflip. Im sitting with lost money and region locked cdkey (even seller doesnt know how to do it). What should i do now?. I dont understand this dispute process at all. I provided all info to support but nobody even respond there. I just want my money back to gameflip wallet so i can buy from different seller or tf2 keys

If you check link above it says: Region restriction
None / Global

This is the game i bought. Error message is in dispute ticket with all screenshots and info.

Order id: 49c7c52a-6b17-4f0b-b948-6713a1bea2e4

Do you have an RTX to use it?
if so, then ask him to cancel the order for you.

Yes i have 4x rtx 2080ti cards in my 2 workstations. I provided screenshots to seller and support.

Region restriction
None / Global

Ye thats why i bought the nvidia key but even with Cyberghost VPN to USA, Canada, Hong Kong and his region Vietnam didnt work.

If it states that it’s Global then you shouldn’t use a VPN to unlock it
if it doesn’t work with you, tell the seller to cancel the order, it’s his fault that his given you a region restricted code.

Ok i will ask him to cancel the order.

Btw this is the error:

I also contacted nvidia live chat they told me this type of errors occure if your key is region locked.

Can you send a screenshot of the pc specs, because in this photo it states that you don’t meet the requirements
and you need atleast an (RTX)

This is probably my last time buying any sort of cdkeys from marketplaces. I just wanted to give it a try. If i get a refund i will just get tf2 keys and move on. Thats only tursted way to get items.

Have you opened a dispute?
if so then ask the seller to cancel the order
if he doesn’t want to, escalate it to gameflip so they can cancel it theirselves.

Yes i did any waiting almost 6 hours without any reply. Seller is silent and give stupid replies like this one. I also told him im from EU on first message.


maybe try VPN EU. this is the first time i sell it! can u try?


VPN to APAC REGION! im from VietNam

hi just asking did u redeem other nvidia keys before as i hear its 1 key per account


I bought my rtx cards when they launched in september 2018

no i mean as there were offers with BF V AND METRO AS WILL WITH RTX Cards, before so if u did redeem one i think its 1 game per account with those promos who comes with nvidia product

I never bought nvidia cdkeys before. This is my first time to deal with this. Also i can show you i didnt reedem any codes on my account.

It seems that key is for Asian region.
You bought key Global like it says in description, but key has region restrictions. It is not your mistake, its seller’s mistake. If you open dispute - just wait when option for escalation will available. Escalate dispute and wait, administrators will look and decide this issue. It takes few days.

Seller created account on nvidia experience and somehow activated key (with vpn its not working at all). After that he gave me password and username for dummy nvidia experience account. I linked my battle net account and i have game activated. I just unlinked accounts and i still have the game. This was kind a skechy but i have the game :S

Sellers should put region on these nvidia keys. They all require VPN to activate.

Thats great. Have a nice day.

Hello Sib3riX,

Looks like this issue has already been solved between you and the seller so I’m closing this topic.


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