I need help please.

Hello. I purchased a PSN $100 digital code for $75, but I didn’t see that it was restricted to Canada and I’m in the U.S. Big mistake by me but I just want to get my money back and give the guy his code back. I already sent it to Gameflip the review the dispute but I just wanted to know if I had any really chance of getting my money back…I’ve read some posts (good and bad) and I’m a bit discouraged…please help…

I think there’s a higher possibility that Gameflip will side with the seller. If the seller did not specifically say that the card is restricted to Canada or the code didn’t work, then you would have more possibility to win. Once you get a working code and specifies that it is restricted to Canada, I don’t think Gameflip can justify sending back your money. If it does end this way, the best thing you can do is to use it or sell it back.

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If the seller specified that it is for Canada then sorry, you shouldn’t get your money back. It’s a digital code so there’s no way to “take it back from you”. Unless the seller agrees to cancel it.

sorry, you should have read the listing before making the purchase, but you can try to sell the code to someone else here on Gameflip.

Good luck!

The transaction has been settled. Thanks…

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