Listing Sold on HOLD

Hello to this great community, I am new to the Gameflip forum and I am here because I’m having problems with a 50$ digital code PS card I sold like two days ago, the transaction is on hold because the buyer allegedly was unable to redeem the code because of location problems, the listing was very specific and was described that I was only going to work on United States users, and the guy is from Venezuela, he send me some picture of the error he was getting and I will post it right here, then i check the code with PlayStation help chat and they say to me that the code was already redeem the same day and the same hour it was sold to this guy on Gameflip, I have sold 8 digital codes already and have never encounter a problem like this, I hope this guy its not trying to scam me and Gameflip can do a good review and I can get my money .

this is my code : U4WJGB

here are the 4 pictures

1 - the first picture he sent me

2 - the second picture send me

3 - the third photo he send me

4 - And here are the photo me talking with the person from PS support chat

Hope someone from new Gameflip can help me or some one from this community i appreciate it.

thanks in advance

Hi @Homero_Ramirez

Thanks for sharing your case with us.
Could you please include screenshots on your ticket to strengthen the evidence?
For these images, please always take FULLSCREEN screenshots. Cropped sections won’t be accepted as evidence.

This forum is meant for discussions, so I cannot address issues like disputes directly through here. Your case will continue to be followed up via ticket. Thanks!

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hello @op_JOkEr , since like 3 days i have no response in my ticket the dateline for response on the dispute was like 4 days ago, can you help me?