Scammer and spam in my listing

a scammer have try to scamm me with itunes 10 usd
in first he say the code its invalide and after he send me a screenshot of account blocked,
i have request a screenshot where i see my code in
he send me a screenshot with error " invalid code" without see my code in
after he say no maybe the probleme he is with his account he dont know if its canadian or usa region
after he say not his account is UK and he request a cancell and refunds
i décline his the refunds because i have all information of region in my listing, and he say no the code its still good he just want a refunds i go in his way or escalate
so i have take a dicision to redeem this code in my account and i get error " code already used " when ui have send a sccreenshot of error he start to insulte me and make a bad comment in my listing
and he say
" I’m going to dispute the charge to my bank if gameflip sides with you. They’ll lose the money. You’re not keeping my code and the money "

i still wait a reply from gameflip and i think i have send all effidence with screenshot and his comportement of scammer but i want know he can make a refunds from his bank ?

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thanks i have opened a ticket

algeria? …

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yes kho algerian and you ?

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