$50 xbox gift card already redeem

I just purchased a gift card and when i tried to redeem it it said that it had already been redeem i need help

Open a dispute dont rate them

I did open a dispute i also uploaded a picture ive never had issues buying xbox gift cards till now

Sometime people run into codes already used or the wrong code or a mistype code.

Sometime ppl try scamming with fake code.
Now you have already open a dispute now you need to wait into gameflip looks into it. Keep a eyes on your email it may take a few days.

Am guessing he posted the same code twice so i will recieve a email on my gmail right.

Whatever email you used on this gameflip account will be the one getting the Result of your dispute

Ok thank you for helping


Lucy :heart:

i bought battlefield v origin key and its already used. . i open dispute will i get my money back or new code?

It you open up a dispute and your evidence show the code didnt work is stronger then the seller showing evidence the code did work before they sold it. You should get your money back. You wouldn’t get other code being gameflip is the middle guy. They dont do anything but make sure the sell/buy go good. Meaning gameflip will just give your money back.

They money back guarantees. They dont give the item/code to you as a reimburse.

Lucy :heart:

okay…i cant believe it this is a good rep seller but he selling games too cheap! very suspicious. Origin keys can’t be verified when they were activated?

My apologies when I type alot my english is trash.

I’m not sure if they can or cant be. I’m never used origin. I dislike EA. I know Amazon they can check dates codes been used if you call them and act like you confused why your code not working.

Having a good rep dont mean much but on top what you said. The seller selling muti games. There a chance he listed bf5 2 times and meant to put 2 different codes for each list and both them work but mess up and listed 2 bf5 games using the same code.

Before opening a dispute try Messaging the seller to make sure it was not a error on there part.

In the past I bought a few codes and a few of them the seller miss type the code and they fix it when I message them.

You could of message him to see if he messed up and listed the same code 2 times and someone bought the other bf5 codes and used it making both his listed codes already used being maybe he put the same code in 2 different listing.

Lucy :heart:

I will hope so But he really let me down

Let you down?

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Hey Lucy my issue has been solve and i got my money back. The seller had listed the same code more then once that is why it was redeem when i tried to claim it

seller make refund and i got money back but how i can rate him now? i sure all of there 300 buyers was scammed

It could of been a error or a simple mess up on there part. We would never know. You cant get them to rate you if you got a refund. Its basicly like you never bought anything thing from them so you nor them cant rate each other

i mean we never know its a scamer or not because you cant leave negative feedback

Yoi got your money back
If they try giving out a fake code and other person open a dispute gameflip will put 2 and 2 together and know it’s not a other mess up he trying to scam into then it was just a error being like you said he selling alot of codes with good rep.