Code revoked 6 days after purchase

I purchased AC Valhalla for Xbox and code worked without issues and I played the game so I completed transactions. 6 days later code got removed and says cancelled in my history so I chatted with MS support. They said the developer reported code and most likely it was stolen and there is no way to get back. I have screenshots and a case ID from the chat where they clearly say it’s an issue with the code, I even wrote out the exact code and had them confirm it’s a bad code.

Is there anything that can be done now since transaction was complete? I’m sure the rest of the sellers code will have the same issue and get revoked too, he sold like 40 codes in a day only so I’m sure he cashed out and might be long gone now.

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Submit a ticket to Support first. Give all relevant information

Yes, something can be done if proven true. I have experienced something similar before. Code used worked but later something happened. Submit proof in the ticket/request. Then leave your profile code and ticket ID here so if the Mods check , they do not need to ask for your profile code/ticket ID which will waste time.

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Thanks got a mod please check if ticket went through, it said thanks for submitting, but never got an email confirmation. Profile ID is GGQERS.

If you checked everywhere in your email and still cannot find it, there is a possibility that you might have wrote the wrong email address.

It is best to make an account then sign in before making a request/ticket. That way, you can check your ticket ID when you sign in and go to ‘My activities’

They would need your ticket ID.

It doesnt necessarily have to be the sellers fault. If you for example breached their TOS a game gets cancelled too. It happened to me one time and i admit it was my fault. I bought a key for US and changed then my region to US on my console even though my ACTUAL region was Europe. This is not allowed by microsoft TOS and makes the key get cancelled. So make sure you did everything correct from your side because its not fair to a seller to blame him but its actually your fault. I am just saying because my key was also cancelled but it was 100% my fault. IF you know you did everything right ask the seller for the invoice he must have it if the key was bought legit!

In sellers post it said global for region so no issue there, the codes they were selling were a lot cheaper than anyone else and all sold in 1 day, so I’m guessing it was a quick scam where he sold a bunch of stolen codes and then ran off with the money. He insisted everyone rate him fast.

Oh yes then it was for sure carded. So Gameflip should actually ask him for the official invoice which is probably doesn’t have. Had the same one time with a nintendo key but i kinda knew if it was so cheap that there must be an issue few days later nintendo locked my account cause of a chargeback. So he probably hacked a card and the owner did a chargeback. Just think if something is so damn cheap it cant be legit. Rather pay a bit more. Because an authorized seller will always get it cheaper but NEVER that cheap as some sellers sell for here. Hope he gets banned and you get the money back!

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