Game code cancelled after a few days

So, my friend bought an Xbox game from a seller (I bought the same game but it still works for me), and now my friend can’t access the game anymore, MS tells him that the code has been cancelled, and now we need a way to contact the seller or a way to cancel the transaction to the seller.

The game was playable for 2 days. Does anyone know what we can do? Screenshot shows the message within MS Profile.


Christian ???

Yes, exactly!

The same thing happened to me and he did not respond I think the best thing would be to send a message to gameflip support

OK, we will do that. Thanks, and I hope you get your issue with him resolved as well.

If gameflip will solve it, I have no doubt, I have been buying here for more than 4 years and when these problems exist, gameflip solves it

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@DarkKnight My friend, here is a case of possible scam in xbox games, I waited for the seller’s response on a purchase but it has not happened in 2 days if he does not respond I will report it to support but I inform you so that you are informed, the scam is

We sent a report to support, now we wait and see, thanks for helping out here, it is much appreciated.

I just reported the same thing and I see they have banned the scammer’s profile

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Great! At least no one else is getting scammed by him in the future.

Hey guys! I’m glad the issue was already solved.

I have verified and the user has been permanently suspended.

Hope you have an awesome day!

God Speed! :trident:

@DarkKnight thanks friend, now to wait for the refunds

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