Purchased a game code that worked at first.

I purchased a game code on 1/3/18 that initially worked when I entered it on my Xbox but yesterday I lost access to the game and when I contacted Microsoft they said it’s because the original purchaser of the code requested a refund so they deactivated the code. MS says there is nothing they can do to help me . Is there anything I can do through gameflip to get this resolved?

Hey Robert, sorry that happened. After doing a little research, if you go the the xbox live website and talk to the virtual assistant and say no this didn’t solve my problem a few times, it will prompt them to set you up with an actual representative from the company. From there, you sign in and talk to a specialist. Explain the situation to them and provide the download code of the game for them to look into. They should tell you something similar to what they told you when you first contacted them. Do a full screenshot of that conversation and send it to Gameflip support for review. From there they will investigate this seller and bring them to justice. Hope this helps! Good luck and keep us posted. Also, provide your invite code here so admins can look into your account and investigate this seller.

Thanks for the info. Invite code is GR6AVZ

As I checked, your case is already solved.

Thank you!