Significant loopholes on gameflip

According to my observation, when the buyer buys the used code. He applied for a dispute, and if the seller never replied, then after a certain period of time. The transaction will be completed.
I lost 20 dollars because of this.Now there is the same problem.Please check this order:

Order Details
Order ID 15125fa2-3546-4ece-b09b-b6ebd978ad9a
Date Sep 30, 2018
Price $23.65 USD


This is not a loophole, this is our new implemented system.
Please make sure you always reply to your buyers if they have trouble on their purchases.
You can also send us a ticket if you feel it is necessary.

I was a buyer, the seller did not reply, but the deal was completed.

Order ID



Sep 19, 2018


$19.99 USD

These are 2 different exchanges tho.
About the second one you have sent (f5d83200-86a3-46c6-ae49-05013f559f7c) I have sent instructions on a ticket to your email address used on Gameflip.

What happens when the countdown is over?

If the seller doesn’t respond you’ll be refunded.

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