The seller gave a code already used.

The dispute has passed for a week and has not yet been resolved.
He gave me a code used. So I showed him the system feedback.But he didn’t give me new code.So I have to apply for a refund.

He is a fraud.I need official help.It’s been a week. Things haven’t been solved yet.Thank you
Order ID


Hello I just answered your ticket.

Thank you.

Please i have the same problem
Need help

What is the Order ID and your profile code? They need that information in order to help you.

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Order ID 8d0807b9-3742-4453-8cfa-ccb55775b6de
The profile Code XML341
Thank you

Hello! We are waiting for the seller to send us some information regarding the code. If the seller doesn’t answer us within the next 36 hours, we will finish the investigation with the information we have.

Thank you.

That will be great thank you so much

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