Account Banned Temporary

Hello, my account has been temporary lock for the following reasons:
“Account Banned (Selling not allowed gift cards even after receiving a warning about it”
But I never received a warning about it and exactly what gift card did I sell that was not accepted on gameflip? I never received any email alerts from this
I need to know exactly what is the reason for being locked, please help me?
My code invite: 11HMTU

@DarkKnight please check help ne

Hello bro, you should i think submit a request to the support and they will reply you back after 1~2 days at least and dont worry it will be unlocked as soon as you tell them what exactly happened with you and you should be careful next time from here : Submit a request – Gameflip Help

  • Just submit a ticket to them and they will help you out! moderators will for sure help you as soon as they’re online.

Hello @Mr.BeoStore,

I have verified your account and can see that you received a warning regarding the sale of forbidden Gift Cards in your email.

So your account was suspended because you continued to sell forbidden gift cards.

By looking at your account, I can see that you were selling Petco and Office Depot gift cards which is currently not allowed.

For further questions regarding this, please check the following link:

God Speed! :trident: