Account Suspension ?

Today My account was suspended, This happened when I tried to list some items on the website, I Don’t know what to do, I’ve sent a ticket to support, but i Wanted to know what is going to happen with my funds in my Gameflip Wallet and how I can get my Account back to normal, Thanks!

There must be a reason for your suspension.Btw just wait for an reply, the average time for response is from 1-2 working days.

They will first confirm the suspension and the severity of it. It may be banned for a week or a month depending on the infraction. However if the severe case of a permanent ban they will still allow you to remove your funds from the gameflip wallet to your account and allow a day or two to access your account.

Suspension of an account isn’t done lightly but a detailed investigation. Is the user willing trying to defraud either as a seller or buyer or was it an overlooked spur of the moment action which the user didn’t think of. A mistake can mostly be forgiven while an intention cannot.

However I wish you luck on the outcome of the case.

Hello, I’m Still waiting for response of my case, I Can’t acces my account for :conducting sales of forbidden items shortly after a system message was sent reporting that such items were forbidden…

I Can’t access my account, including my funds inside my wallet, this is really frustrating…

wait for a moderator
conducting sales of forbidden items is a serious infraction.
you may be given a day without suspension to withdraw your funds .

Could you inform your profile code so I can check?

Hello, here is my code: BL72A2

You were given a warning about these PF Chang Cards.
Then you ignored it and relisted them.
We asked you for proof of the physical cards, you did not send them.
To get this suspension looked at, you need to send us evidence of purchase of such cards.

oh noes, is it the same chap with the pf chang digital codes?

Hello, I don’t have the physical card, just the codes,it was not in my knowledge that you needed to have the physical card to use it until yesterday,also when I posted the cards I didn’t receive any warning, maybe because I posted 10 listings pretty fast… I would like to restore my account, since your marketplace is awesome.I will not sell more of this cards

Thanks and have a great day!

wait they let you take your funds out even if its suspended?

Hello, gameflip told me that the suspension is not getting lifted…
They told me that the funds of the account cannot be withdrawn, I don’t understand, since my account is not going to be reinstated, what will happen to my funds, does gameflip just keep the funds???

Your account is permanently suspended, you’ve sold a prohibited item.

Tali : You were given a warning about these PF Chang Cards.
Then you ignored it and relisted them.

Funds are being refunded to your buyers since they can not use them.

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Just what @Wayz_Shop said.

You sold something which you shouldn’t have

I sold that item without any complications the last day, when I posted more of the cards the next day, the error showed up, I thought it was a mistake so I posted them again, that’s why I got banned

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