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Hello all! I am running into a little bit of an issue and wanted to see if any of you have seen this, and get some advice on how to proceed. On 14 Feb I bought a $100 Amazon gift card from the seller “steam shop”. After trying to redeem the code on Amazon, I was told that the code had been redeemed to another account. I have seen this happen before, so I know that sometimes this can be an issue. I let them know, and they were able to get me a new code the next day (15th). I redeemed the new code with no issues. I then completed the order on GameFlip. On the 17th I went to buy something on Amazon and saw that it was not taking from my gift card balance. I opened up my gift card page and the gift card no longer showed up in my gift card history. (It no longer showed the gift card ever being on my account at all) I tried to redeem the gift card again, and Amazon displayed that the card had been redeemed to another account. I messaged the seller asking for a picture of the gift card and a receipt of its purchase, both of which they provided. I then started a chat with Amazon to inquire why the gift card was no longer in my account. They informed me that the gift card had been “unredeemed” from my account. I sent them the picture of the gift card and the receipt and I was informed that they would be doing an investigation into this. I received an email the next morning pretty much just saying that my account was secure, and that there were no issues with my account. I then tried to explain all of this to the seller, sending proof of my amazon account gift card balance, the conversation with the Amazon employee, and the email I received about my account. They then asked for proof that the gift card had been placed on HOLD against me account. (I did a little research and found that Amazon will put your account on hold if a gift card is bought with a stolen credit card) I told them that it was “unredeemed” and therefore would not show up at all. They have stopped responding, and that brings me to now, hoping to get some help, and hoping that I’m not out the $82 I used to buy the card.
To me, either the seller, or their supplier double sold the card, and after I redeemed it, some one had amazon unredeem it from my account and redeem it to theirs. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

My Gameflip code: FPQFE7
Order #: ddb812a7-cc4a-4ff5-9230-ab596c2e4184

amazon just take back your card becourse it was stolen

Contact the user and ask for a replacement.

I tried, they stopped responding.

Hi, i want to share my experienced, i have been trading over a years with Amazon and have a lot of backfire happened, codes redeemed successfully but after few days my account has been closed because card/code has been fraudulently carded (using stolen card to buy amazon code) we are on the marketplace, not on the direct store, so every move/transaction we do here there’s a risk, if you buy some amazon gift card/code to someone meaning they are re-selling, re-selling is good as long as you have trusted supplier etc, but gameflip discourage you to do that

For buyers here is a tip. as you a first time buyer or have some suspicious when buying amazon, you can comment to seller first to their listings and ask if they could provide the ACTUAL GIFT CARD with the RECEIPT on it that PAID VIA CASH, make sure the gift card # matches to the receipt upon purchased. That is completely safe for the buyer, because a gift card that paid via cash is irreversible on all stores (unless it required by law)

Note : If amazon account get closed after redeeming some codes before, it’s most likely that code has been used/redeemed was made from stolen gift card or some say call “carded” (the real owner of card file a dispute/chargeback to merchant)

Additional, every amazon code not starting at “AQ” meaning it bought though online via hacked paypal, stolen credit cards etc, because who crazy will buy amazon code online that price is 1:1 for real then will sell here for 1:0.80 ?, you will lose money instead getting profit, or unless it bought by mistake and wanting to trade for cash (for lessen value)

report with gameflip, they will give you better support. send the evidence

Hello Cnolan

Could you please open a ticket to the support team using the link below?

Please make sure to send ALL the evidence you have regarding this issue.


Thank you.


Just submitted it. Thank you for your help! Request: 549579

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they way the people get profits is through the trading between bitcoin and amazon card code, on paxful and localbitcoins the sellers sell their bitcoins for amazon cards at lower rates so they get them for cheap and go here to sell them, they still get profits…

I will buy amazon codes that begins with AQ from now, I had the balance withheld issues before…
@MajorTom @DarkKnight PLEASE you need to stop selling amazon codes that does not begin with AQ with physical receipt…

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Balance from AQ codes can also be taken away from you and make your amazon account banned.

Hey @Millargenis1,

In this case, we are not the ones selling these Amazon codes, but we do our best to remove the sellers trying to scam other users.

Also, we’ll make sure to pass along the suggestion to the team and see what we can do.


God Speed! :trident:

I understand what you say. Some of us are resellers and do not want to deceive anyone, we prefer to give a replacement, to avoid everything, because we understand the situation and it is a responsibility to provide good attention. but once the trade is closed, it is impossible to write to that person again, maybe if the chat remained active once the transaction was finished it would be of greater help for those who do want to do things right.

Hello @Millargenis1,

In these cases, the buyer usually opens a ticket to us, so we can filter and receive every evidence of the code that is not working, before contacting the sellers.

So we verify the case before and contact the sellers through email, in order to provide a replacement or another solution for the buyer’s problem.

God Speed! :trident:

A possibility to reopen the chat with the buyer? Or it is impossible. ?

It is currently not possible @Millargenis1, due to system configuration, but it might be a possibility in the future.

We’ll make sure to pass along the suggestion to the team and see what we can do.

God Speed! :trident:

@DarkKnight Of course, if we hope they take it into account, it would be very useful and refunds would be avoided, or at least they would be greatly reduced, because in this case it could be replaced more fluently

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Yea @Millargenis1, I understand your point.

Lets see what comes up in future updates to help sellers in the ways you informed.

Thanks again for the feedback and stay tuned :wink:

God Speed! :trident:

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