Grey Party amazon gift card scam

Amazon gift cards are so risky, I recommend to check the seller very well, because almost all these sellers are selling the same gift card code to another customer so this gets my balance withheld, I just opened a ticket which is this (547822)

The seller scammer is Grey Party, is very fishy, is selling the same codes to other buyers, after talking to the horrible support on Amazon they told me the code that these seller sold me , is used by someone else on another account, now they are investigating but I think the final response will be that it is a duplicated code indeed, my profile is Uyee29 sir @darkknight @MajorTom I am so f** stressed of my time to provide the proofs, but I think there should be a new rule to sell Amazon codes. To only sell Amazon codes that begin with AQ, those are the physical one because everyone is getting scammed here, here is the proof of the “grey party” seller ,seller did not reply at my comment so I opened a ticket

If you grey party seller are willing to help me, I prefer to receive my money back and buy with my own money on Amazon instead of buying fraudulent codes

image (2)_1

As you can see the support is a bit silly

@DarkKnight @MajorTom

the balance is already removed and the proof is clear about the owner of the gift card in this case the seller from the order!

Yesterday I commented on one of it’s listings about the withheld balance and this guy removed the listing and made a new one to not show my comment, ban it and refund my money this guy is not going to help @DarkKnight @DunnBiscuit @MajorTom

@DarkKnight @MajorTom

Hello @usergx,

Since this matter is already being handled by the Support Team and through PM, the topic will be closed.

God Speed! :trident:

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