Buyer beware gift cards

I purchased an amazon gift card from this seller and it would not work on amazon. The buyer then chose to cancel the transaction and block me.

“Super deals GC”

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same happen to me in the past with this seller, is shady as F

Thanks for the heads up. That is very shady.

i don’t think he did wrong, Some buyers used to fraud so, He blocks some untrusted users

He gave me a non working code, then blocked me for no reason and he didn’t do anything wrong? Yeah, sounds like a great way to conduct sales. :roll_eyes:

Not totally sure how some of these people get these gift cards, but if Amazon is deactivating the card numbers, it is most likely because it was obtained in Fraud.

I used to work in a retail store a long time ago, and there was a big scam where around Christmas time, people would steal the codes on the preloaded giftcards and repackage them up back on the shelf. Then when someone would buy them and activate them, they knew they would most likely have however many days until Christmas to use the activated funds.

I sure as heck hope there is nothing like that going on with any of these gift card sales because in the long run, you aren’t hurting the company who has hundred of thousands (or millions) or dollars of revenue, you are hurting another person who spent their hard earned money on that card.

Packaging is more sophisticated these days on the pre-loaded gift cards, but its never totally fool proof so who knows - I just reallllly hope none of them are stealing from other people like this to resell here.

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You after get code, you said gift card already redeeme to another account, because i de-activated code and cancelled. i said you that gift card cancelled by me.
i have right cancel order, block someone if i dont want trade any more

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gift card was good you said already redeemed to another account, because i deactivated code, and cancelled order,

The code did not work. Amazon rejected it stating it had already been used by another account. I’m guessing because it is fraudulent. I highly doubt you would sell it to me, give me the code and deactivate it right after(2 minutes?) because you suddenly changed your mind. It’s not like you gave me the code and I waited a week to redeem it. It was literally minutes.
Your loss though. After this failed transaction I purchased $700 worth of amazon gift cards from green key store and guess what? They all worked.

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If you redeemed those codes and they worked, you should really complete the transaction :slight_smile:

Also… where is that Amazon promotion to get $100 off to sign up for the Amazon card what??? I want!

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