An important message to Home-Fi Amazon Card Seller

Hello, may I ask how come you blocked me from purchasing gift cards from your store? I’ve never purchases from you before until yesterday, I attempted to purchase a $200 US Amazon Gift Card from you for $166, but you said you don’t have any codes left then cancelled the order which is completely fine. But then today, I purposely loaded $166 funds into my account just to purchase the $200 US Amazon Card for $166 from you again since it’s on your listing. Not only did you cancel my order (which is fine, if you don’t have the code anymore, but I don’t know why you didn’t take down your listing if you’re out of stock), but you also blocked me from ever purchasing from your store. I’d like an explanation to that since I don’t recall offending you in any way, or bothered/harassed you. Please let me know. Thank you. @Home-Fi

Are you a new user?
Sometimes sellers block new users/accounts to avoid potential scam attempt.

No I’ve had my gameflip account for close to a year now with over 300 positive feedbacks. I’m a regular buyer when it comes to amazon gift cards. I don’t see any reason why he even blocked me, it’s not like he was trying to scam or anything, it’s just that he excluded me from buying from his store for some unknown reason, and I wish he could clarify it.

That’s weird. It does happen from time to time for me too. Scammers alway cancel my orders and refund because they know they will get into trouble trying to scam me. I mean… Idk why he would do that but that’s the only logical answer.

So based on what you wrote, you bought his listing for $166, but he said he doesn’t have codes left then cancelled order? That is agaisnt the rules.

Selling Something that you DO NOT HAVE means they are trying to Technically Scam even if they cancel Order. IF IT WAS A NEW PERSON , HE MIGHT/MIGHT NOT JUST message him saying to complete transaction first. Who would know? You can technically file a ticket to support and report him if you had screenshots/proof etc. Some people even with high ratings would find people who are new. When they purchase their item, they make them accept and complete transaction first. They block people who has good amount of ratings/knowledgable people.

Have a Good Day. He doesn’t seem to have a forums account so you can’t tag him.

Based on his bad reviews and his description, he wants order to be completed ASAP after giving code. Is pretty suspicious because some codes could be marked as ‘Stolen’. If they buy and get a working code and get their amazon account banned after a few days, he still has the money + Good rating.

People usually do not rush and spam their buyers to complete transaction ASAP. They might be not free etc.

Hello thanks for the response, to be fair he didn’t ask me to complete the transaction first, maybe because I’ve been a long time buyer on Gameflip I didn’t really think much of it when he cancelled it, I just thought maybe he forgot to take down the listing after the other gift cards have been sold. But I still can’t figure out why he would go out his way to block me.

And I thought buyer can’t cancel the transaction after the code has been sent, with or without automatic delivery? Only way buyer can cancel the transaction is only if buyer didn’t delivery within the spcified ddelivery time and didn’t click on “Deliver the item”

So based on my experience from selling/buying items since 2018,

  1. Trying to scam new buyers.
  2. He is scared you will leave a bad review if he sells to you because he cancelled before.
  3. All giftcard sellers must be gameflip verified, but that doesn’t mean their ALWAYS legit.

Whether he is trying to scam or not, we will never know because who knows right? If it was a new guy as I wrote in my previous post, he would/would not try to scam.

For your second reply, your right. Buyer can’t cancel if it is auto delivery or after status goes from ‘Pending’ to ‘Purchased’ Only way to cancel is if they bought it and cancel before it goes from ‘Pending to Purchased’ or email support for them to help you cancel if you have a good reason. If you meant my screenshots, those were sellers cancelling it. I told one of them to not try to scam and he cancelled ASAP. I mean they had like 10 good ratings from scamming and they did get banned afterwards.

This guy is not a scammer. Purchased from him before, then had same issue happen regarding a listing. My money was refunded immediately, and I continue to use him. May be a misunderstanding? The next time he has something pop up I would just make a comment in it so he notices as I’m not sure how to reach in the forums


I mentioned based on experience. I do not know him nor did I purchase from him before. But that is not a reason to block buyer who is willing to pay the price that he is selling it for.

It might be a mistake or error but that does not mean that having items listed that he does not have even though it is not his mistake is not agaisnt rules.

What if it was a new buyer who just came to gameflip and he bought it and got refunded etc? After refunding, seller blocks the new buyer. Even though not seller’s fault, the buyer would lose trust on gameflip.

To reach a person on forums, he/she must have a forums account. You can tag him like this @Sparkling_Juice

Have A Good Day.