[Scam alert!] Seller ID: Grey Party

Hi I purchased 75 Amazon card from Grey Party and today it’s suddenly gone as the balance is on hold. So I talked to Amazon and they said it was refunded by the original purchaser. I tried to reach out to the seller Grey Party but he just blocked me. I found that there was the same issue with this seller few months ago. This is the order number. https://gameflip.com/item/-75-00-amazon-gift-card-instant-delivery-/8a483fb6-b659-4040-a6c6-d6089c96f78a Please be aware to buy something from this seller “Grey Party” https://gameflip.com/profile/us-east-1:b0aaacee-9da5-483a-bdf5-92451ffc86b7/grey-party?page=1&start=0&sort=updated%3Adesc I am attaching all the evidence from the chatting with Amazon. Please help me to resolve this issue. Gameflip Support team.

Amazon said that the original purchaser made a refund just after I registered it. This has to be responded by the seller. This is a definitely scam because the seller sold the refunded gift card. I have all the evidences from the chatting with Amazon as the below. The order was https://gameflip.com/exchange_buyer/ea98c9c5-4cca-4e21-bfff-ae8587f3fb2d The seller is https://gameflip.com/profile/us-east-1:b0aaacee-9da5-483a-bdf5-92451ffc86b7/grey-party?page=1&start=0&sort=updated%3Adesc Please be aware and help me to resolve this issue. Thanks a lot!

Open a case with Gameflip. With your chat screenshots, they should be able to get your $ back.

Buying Amazong GC here is always a bit sketchy, but that’s the risk to take to get discounts. Advice is to always spend the GC $ right away, and try not to load it to your primary Amazon account in case you get banned. I have been burned a couple of times in the past year, but fortunately either Gameflip helped or the seller refunded me. Good luck!

Nowadays fraudsters like to sold digital Amazon gift card because they can claim Amazon that code was redeemed by someone else. Once you completed transaction, fraudsters can start get your money then get refunded gift card from Amazon. This is what happened i facing. The seller is likely a reseller get code from a fraudster.

Hello @ahnka,

Unfortunately, we are unable to take action from here as this case needs further investigation form the Support Team.

So could you please contact the support team using the link below with all the information you have provided?


Thanks in advance!

God Speed! :trident: