Money was taken from my account because a scammer made false accusations. URGENT

Hello guys, today I’m making this post because I want to report a misunderstanding that clearly affected me.

Two transactions were canceled (reversed) from my account because I apparently gave 2 bad amazon gift cards to a guy named LITO. These 2 cards were purchased on different days (Dec 5th and Dec 10th) one card is physical and purchased THROUGH and the other one was purchased in a physical store. This guy apparently filled a claim with you and reported that the balance was “voided” so when you try to claim the codes at this moment they will show up as “de-activated”. So I was concerned about they money taken out from my account so I tried to use your chat support to request more information. I spoke with a girl named “Talita” which was EXTREMELY RUDE to me and didn’t provide me any KIND of proof or information related to this matter.

After being threated like garbage by “Talita” where all my rights as an user were actually violated since NO information was provided to me and also I was never contacted to provide any kind of information about it, I decided to run a little investigation by myself. I contacted amazon support and provided both codes where I requested some information. The guy name who redeemed the codes is “Carlos”, and he claimed both on the same account, so well I was a little skeptical about this cards being de-activated (have over 180 transactions, and never had problems). I asked amazon support if he spent the whole funds from the gift cards and well the response was YES! (confirmed twice, check the screenshots). This guy faked some screenshots and managed get to the cards de-activated (not hard to do actually) after spending THE WHOLE funds from the gift cards.

I was scammed, you made a wrong decision with false proofs (FROM A NEW USER) that clearly affected me.

I want my money back. I want the guy to be permanently banned from GAMEFLIP.COM and if possible I want all his personal documents to fill up a legal claim on him.

I would like to know everyone’s opinion about this issue.

Please take a look on this matter. I will really appreciate it. @DunnBiscuit @DarkKnight
TICKET #528662

PD: I uploaded part of the conversation that I had with amazon which it’s an email transcription from them.