Seller scammed me 150 with bad amazon cards. Balance voided after email from amazon

Got scammed out of $150 in bad amazon cards. Amazon said the cards are not good and voided my balance with threats to ban my account if it happens again and canceled the order. The only gift card ever redeemed on my account is from this seller Abigail on Gameflip. I have proof with screenshots and the emails. Can someone please help me with trying to get my money. Back from this person. First time buying and he had good rating.

This is the email I got from amazon.
I tried reaching out to the seller but no reply as yet. Don’t wanna let too much time pass by.


We have canceled your order and voided your current gift card balance.

We have taken these actions because you are attempting to use Amazon Gift Cards that are in violation of our Terms and Conditions. We cannot reissue the gift cards or reimburse you for these funds. If this activity continues, we may take a permanent action on your account.

If you believe we took this action in error, please reply with an attachment of the gift card purchase receipts or other documentation of gift card ownership, and authorize all the Amazon gift cards used to place the order 114-0044253-1250626.

You can find more information on the Gift Card Terms and Conditions Help page:


Account Specialist

I did tried asking for the receipts to all 6 $25 usd cards. Do sellers normally keep reciepts?

Submit a ticket to support first with the proof and everything.
(Also requires info like profile code and order ID so that they see which listing it is)

Then you can DM DarkKnight/Majortom regarding it along with the ticket ID. They probably will be able to help maybe fasten/ take a look at it.

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Thanks. I’ve went ahead and sent them a message along with the profile code all 6 transaction ID’s and proof of what happened. Also provided the ticket number of the case. Thank you so much.

Well it sounds like I’m getting screwed. A person Peter responded to my ticket and told me that it’s up to the seller to issue me a refund. I tried asking the seller for the receipts so I can prove to amazon I bought the cards but seller isnt responding. Doubt he’ll give a refund now. This is really 1 sided.

The cards redeemed perfect so i completed the transaction. Only when i went to buy a part i got notified the cards were falsely obtained and I need to prove ownership of them or it’s 150 down the drain. This sucks man.

I dm’d dark knight but no response.

@DarkKnight can you please give me your input on this. I’d just like to know the likeliness of me getting the original receipts or refund. This my first time buying guy seemed legit with reviews and then this happens.

What I would do is go yo gameflips customer support.

and tell then how much money he scammed you from and show all of the proof.

i have never had this issue because i sell not be but game flip should help you. :slight_smile:

See you dont submit the order untill you know that you got the money.

its a way for people to scam so next time dont do that and i wish you the best of

luck my friend.

Hello @Dregen_Greed ,

Sorry for the wait.

Could you please provide me the ticket number and invite code to your account so we can take a further look?

God Speed! :trident:

Sorry about that I was at work.
My profile code is CWVVLW
Ticket number is 671160.
Thanks for looking into this.

The cards redeemed perfect the order placed so I completed the transaction.
A day after I got an email from Amazon saying the gift cards balance got voided. Those are the first and only amazon gift card I’ve ever used in my life. I tried ordering a nintendo switch part. The order got cancelled they voided the balance and said if I use suspicious giftcards again they’ll permaban me. They gave me the option to provide the reciept to the cards in question which is 6 individual $25 giftcards. I’ve been begging the seller but I just got ignored. I then looked around other sellers on flip that has amazon cards listing and found out that this has happened to other people too. Screen shots above. You get tricked into completing the transaction because the cards redeem and the order is placed only to get notified by amazon later of the suspicious cards and your balance voided.

Sorry about that I was at work.
My profile code is CWVVLW
Ticket number is 671160.
Thanks for looking into this

I buy Amazon GC here quite often and this problem happened to me twice. Fortunately I was able to get the $ back both times. So don’t panic yet. Here is what I recommend:

  1. Do not complete transaction until you have spent the GC. Redeeming is not good enough. Unfortunately you only have 3 days to do so…
  2. Chat with Amazon to confirm the GC that caused this problem They won’t provide the number, but you can provide it and ask them to confirm. Take a screenshot of that chat (do not copy/paste). Open a ticket with GF support and send the email you got from Amazon and the screenshot. They should be able to help you get $ back.

Good luck! There is definitely risk of buying discounted GCs, since Amazon is not helpful. So you do get what you pay for. But as long as you are careful, it should pay off in the long term.

Thank you. Thing is these are the only gift cards on my account but I will ask amazon.

Hey, I don’t know if your issue is solved but i think I know the reason why this happens. But first, did you only pay the order with the GC balance or with some money from your credit-debit card

No I only had a giftcard balance.

So I managed to fix this…
After the email stating my balance was voided until I can provide receipts I also got an email of suspicious activity on my account. I then had to call amazon for them to open back my account. That didnt work so I went through customer service left a number and they called me. Went through a couple questions related to my amazon account and devices and they let me in. Upon logging back in the account I noticed the balance was restored so re opening the account has also restored the balance. Placed an order for the entire 150 and it went through and my stuff got delivered no problem.
If you live outside the us like I am you may need to set up a phone number using text now which is free and have amazon call you. Hopefully this helps someone in the future as the seller still havent provided reciepts even though his description is “good with receipts”
If not for this I’d still be 150 in the hole though I had faith that the team at gameflip wouldve 100% make sure I was dealt with fairly.