[URGENT] I may have been scammed by 3 different Amazon Gift Card Sellers

So on July 30th I have purchased and redeemed a $10 Amazon gift card, on August 4th I’ve made a purchase of $10 Amazon gift card and redeemed it, this purchase was from a different seller. Lastly on August 7th I’ve purchased a $100 Amazon Gift card from another seller as well. This totalled my Amazon balance to 120, on that day I've made a purchase of !20, however Amazon has cancelled my order due to suspicious/unathorized activity. My $120 balance has been placed on hold for a week now. I’ve contacted Amazon support twice since and they couldn’t do anything about it. My last hope is that Gameflip can help me reach out to these sellers so that we can come to a resolution.

You were not scammed, you probably entered too many high valued cards at a short time and their automatic security just held them as a safety precaution because you probably don’t have too much gift card history on your account. Also stop holding balances on your Amazon accounts, when you buy a gift card you should place an order right away and get rid of them in the first place.

Yes I believe I was scammed, due to the seller refunding back the gift card sold to me. I have 11 pages of gift card redemption history, average around $100, but varies from $10 - $500, and have been redeeming gift cards for the past year or so. so it’s not due to entering high value cards in a short period of time. As for placing an order immediately, I’ve placed an order immediately after I redeemed $100 on August 7, I couldn’t place an order when my balance was at $10 and $20 because minimum purchase is $25, and $20 < $25, but $120 total is greater than $25, so i was only able to place an order on August 7, same day and just a few minutes after I redeemed my $100 Gift card

Amazon has been really weird with gift cards lately and usually not a sellers fault, I don’t think a seller would be wasting your time or his/her time selling a bad code and later having to refund it, I would not see a point. Let me tell you a quick story my aunt purchased an Amazon card at the grocery store for a Birthday it was later redeemed and after a week it was placed on hold on the account. Also this was something she purchased in Cash. They have something going on lately which is very strange no matter how legit the card is and they refuse to tell you why they put the card on hold and this is something that has been going on very lately. I read on another forum that a person got an Amazon reward from a company because he won something, later they closed his account because of some “Third Party Rule” that you cannot obtain gift cards from third parties. I think that it is Amazon that is scamming people instead of the sellers and Amazon has been doing this years to people. At this point my best advice is to contact your sellers to help you out, some of the sellers here are very friendly. Also I would recommend placing an order right away going forward without holding balances so you can have time in the 3-day period to make everything is all good. Hope this helps, Amazon is very strange with gift cards.


Hi War_Lord,

In that case, could you open a ticket for the support team using the link below?


If you have already opened one, can you tell me the ticket number so I can check with the support team?

Thank you.

Thank you for the response, I have opened a ticket 2 days ago, the ticket id is #607111, please let me know. Thank you.