How do I defend/show evidence against an Amazon code not working?

I bought an Amazon code from the user above and the code did not work. After 2 whole days of no response, the seller finally replies with:

“Thank you very much for your purchase. My gift card is a reward given by questionnaire. I can guarantee that it is true and effective. I hope you can verify it again. At the same time, I submitted the screenshot of receiving card, and I believe that the platform can handle it fairly.”

I’m a veteran seller with over 5k+ sales on the site but new to buying giftcards on Gameflip. How should I go about using evidence after disputing the transaction?


Hello @Tee-Toh,

In this case the Dispute team, if needed will contact you to provide evidence and all you need to provide is what they request. You can send any evidence you have beforehand to help speed up the process at any time.

Make sure you are always assisting the buyer as well during the case.

God Speed! :trident:

1 Like - open a ticket. Try to apply the gift card on your Amazon account and printscreen the error message. Upload it in a ticket over there for the support team to see. They will help you.

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Thank you, I have done so in the evidence section of my dispute!

Um, Im the buyer not the seller. The seller has only replied to me 3 times in a full week and is really of no help. He just states that he guarantees the code is a working code and that’s it.

What error message you got when trying to use the gift card?

“! The gift card code you entered has already been redeemed.”
I got that error message right after I bought from him and copy & pasted his code.

edit: I didnt reply to you directly so here’s a tag, @riotgiftcards

I asked him if maybe 1 character was mistyped (it’s happened before with other sellers & they fixed it right away) but this guy hasn’t even attempted to help me or see what the problem may be

Photo in the dispute chat and how the vendor addressed the problem should be enough.

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I appreciate you reaching out with a helping hand!

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Hey @Tee-Toh,

Sorry for the confusion regarding assisting the buyer.

So in this case you should be assisted by the seller and if they are not any help, that should also go in your favor to solve the problem along with the evidence you provided.

God Speed! :trident:


Good to know, ty!

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