Invalid Amazon gift card code, twice from same seller

Hi guys. Could I possibly get one of you kind moderators to help me expedite a dispute I initiated? Basically I want my cash refunded back to me. Yesterday I purchased an Amazon gift card code from a seller for a relatively large amount of $. The listing promised to get the code sent within 1 “handling day”. Immediately after I made the purchase he messaged me in chat and asked if I could use the code right away and complete the transaction afterwards. I obliged and immediately logged into Amazon to redeem the code, but Amazon said it was “Already redeemed to another account”. Basically it was already used by someone else. After this the seller asked for snapshots of the error, which I sent, after which he said “ok, wait.” He basically went quiet after that, and the more I tried to inquire about the situation, the more he seemed to try to avoid me. I initiated a dispute. Eventually he cancelled the order, coincidentally after I said I was going to escalate the dispute if I continued to not hear from him for so many more hours, and a refund was issued to me.

So that matter was resolved. However, today I saw another one of his listings for a lesser priced Amazon gift card code, and this time it was one of those “Auto delivery” ones where the Gameflip bot automatically delivers the gift card code within a minute of your purchase, and from my experience the code has always been unused and valid (clean) when a seller offers it this way. So I purchased this listing in good faith because of past experience. However, it turned out to be the same rotten problem I described above. This code was also invalid and already redeemed by someone else. I immediately messaged him (with snapshot proof) and explained that it happened again, and firmly requested that he either send a new code that was valid and unused, or just cancel the order so that I could just get a refund. And once again, he is stalling and beating around the bush, saying very little and then just going silent.

So I just initiated a dispute and escalated it right away, because I know he’s pretty much going to stall and ignore my messages (he always says vague things that don’t really help, such as “ok, wait”, and then disappears). So, can one of you fine moderators possibly help me out here and expedite the dispute & escalation process for this order, so that I can get that refund? I’ve already sent snapshots/evidence that the code was invalid and already used by someone else, and that I am not the one trying to defraud anyone here. Please help, it’s terrible having that much cash funds being held up in limbo due to somebody not doing their part on the other end when I could be making purchases on other good deals that surface from people who actually do have valid codes.

My code is: QLUPWF

and the order number is: bb09f752-ede3-4f7a-9ea0-1206c2cd6ad9

Thank you in advance!

@MajorTom @DarkKnight

When you are able to get to it, please (my issue described above)

My profile code: QLUPWF

Order # bb09f752-ede3-4f7a-9ea0-1206c2cd6ad9