A buyer opened a dispute saying my code is invalid

Hi, I am a new seller.
This buyer has lots of good reviews, and is calling me a scammer and threatening to report me if I dont cancel the order.
I sold this buyer a $10 amazon egiftcard, and says its invalid.
I sent screenshots of my code but claims I photoshopped them.
I sold another two $25 giftcards to another seller with no problem, if that helps at all…
I dont know what to do? Can the buyer be asked to provide rememption time history? I dont know how can I check that on my end?

My invite code is FNJDWF
Thank you for any help.

Try contacting Amazon support and see if they can help you with that? I don’t see there’s any other way to get the redemption date, unless you know someone big in the gift card game that has direct relations with Amazon.

If buyer doesn’t have enough proof that provide support You will win that dispute anyways.

Thank you! Will definetely try.


Please open a ticket to the support team and send them every information about the code you have.

I’m sure they will be able to help you further then.


Thank you!