Invalid Amazon codes??


I purchased almost 1000$ of Amazon gift cards recently. All the cards worked fine. Next day, I saw a balance hold of 100$ on my amazon account. I informed the seller over another transaction and he gave me a replacement gift card.

One day later, one of the gift cards was automatically removed from my amazon account and I got a warning from amazon account specialist.
The seller advised me to use all the gift card balance soon. I am more worried about my account getting deactivated by amazon.

How do I make sure that other gift cards are valid & my Amazon account will not be suspended??


Chetan Sama

@DunnBiscuit Could you please suggest what to do here?

Hello, you can purchase only from verified sellers that have high rating. You also, can contact Amazon support as soon as you get the code so they can check it for you. With that you can avoid this kind of issue. And remember, you can open disputes to codes that have issue, so you can try to have a fix through the seller and if not, you may escalate the dispute so we can provide further help.


Thanks @DunnBiscuit. I had already completed the transactions before posting this but this is good to know. Wouldn’t it help gameflip buyers if this information was visible with every amazon gc listing automatically? Helpful for the buyer and less issues for support team.