Gameflip - scammy sellers, even worse support - AVOID


You sound like a cult member. Gameflip is a business.


Just be patient. It takes some time.
You are not the only case they are reviewing, there are thousands of cases.
Post your invite code and order id so a moderator can help.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Actually most sites will ban you if you escalate a PayPal case on them. I can’t think of any site that doesn’t. Go buy from any key site or subscription service do that and you will be banned. Also, PayPal basically always rules in the buyers favor no matter how sketchy they are, “We cover physical goods (not digital items or services) that are sold and shipped with proof of delivery from within the United States to buyers around the globe.”

The fact that PayPal ruled in your favor means nothing because the system is so heavily buyer favored. That’s why many people are willing to gave Gameflip a cut to protect against chargebacks/disputes. The reason it takes a while is because Gameflip will often contact companies to verify when or who redeemed codes.

Also, you were calling the site trash and being rude 5 days ago, that won’t help you in any situation online or in person. Once any buyer is rude to me I no longer reply and just deal with the Gameflip, Amazon or whatever support. What is he supposed to say? Happy Birthday? I would also and have blocked scammers spamming my comments. You clearly don’t have much experience with buying digital items or life in general.

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


I block you to avoid you buying more from me
Now I let gameflip solve, I have nothing to say more to you


That’s all nice and good but he blocked me before I was rude to him. And it’s nice that you call out my rudeness but ignore that he was rude from his first message.

You really got so heated over this that you wrote me a short essay? You’re white knighting for a company.


Calm down and talk to Dunn. He will help You.


Im not a seller
I stand up for whoever I think was right.
FYI This topic name is so misleading for new or current user to see

Yes gameflip is a business and I stand by them because I want to not because "you think they brain washed me
You’re typing like you been a member who bought alot of things from people using the app. You’re just someone who didn’t follow the rules. Was Super impatient.

Yes gameflip is a family that how I see them.
Yes its a business. If gameflip ever side against me im not going to get mad because if I lose its because my evidence was not good.

They’re still a family imo

I was on your side into did the charged back without waiting into the dispute was over being like I said if your evidence was good you would of won.

Im just a random simple girl who love helping people.
Im simple told you how to fix your problem and you didn’t listen. You rush it and now you’re trying and telling people that Gameflip is bad and the staff dont listen nor help you.

I was trying to help you. In the end you do what you must.
I’m sad to see you had a bad time at ganeflip but I still believe you should of give gameflip sometime. I believe you would of won and I believe you would of loved using gameflip more.

@DunnBiscuit can we get this topic locked. The person who made the post has requested a lock on the principal the topic has been resolved/answered, the topic is starting to become targeted attack of the original user post
Thanks :sparkling_heart:

@Adam_S I still wish you luck and like I said Im still sorry to see you leave

Lucy :heart:

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