I need help (Suspension)

I made a gameflip acc a little while ago to sell rocket league items. But i could sell because I was told I needed to add a card. So Saturday I add a card and started selling on gameflip. The first thing I did wrong was try and sell an account they told me I can’t do that so I forgot about it. Later on I’m browsing through the fortnite in game items and someone is doing what I tried to do except he isn’t selling the account he is just selling the skins in the account. So I thought that’s a great idea I can what I wanted but not the account. So I copy and paste the listing that game flip takes down from when I tried to sell the fortnite account the first time. But this time I said I was selling the skins not the account because I wasn’t going to sell the account because it was against the terms of service. So today I got suspended for selling accounts when that wasn’t what I was doing. It was all just a misunderstanding so I beg someone to help me get unsuspected because I have a lot of money on there and I was suspended WITHOUGHT them knowing that I wasn’t selling an account.

My invite code is zbjz3d


I see two reasons for your suspension, one is that you were selling accounts. The “Skin” you are selling is bound to the account, so yes, you need to sell the account.

Also you reclaimed one account that you sold. So you got the money and the buyer stayed without the item he/she purchased.

Due to the said above your account was suspended. I’m unable to help you in this case.