Account Suspended with Money + Phone Number Linked?

Ok so a week back I had an account (new account) because the old one had a purchase under review because some kid with -2 tried to give me a fake code. So I just left it and made a new one. Well the new account had money on it ($18) and I was gonna send it to my old one because my old one had my PayPal linked to it… so I made a item called “Dont Purchase” so people don’t purchase it, so I went on my new account and bought the don’t purchase so I can pull the money out. Well once I did I got hit with a suspension on both accounts, I can give a rats ■■■■ about the new account but my old account has $18 and my phone number linked to it so what do I do? (Btw the new account had my gfs number linked to it which is why it don’t matter she doesn’t use Gameflip) I already made 3 Reports and still nothing?!

Invite Code: XPQX6M

You were caught buyer/selling items from/to an alternate account this is strictly forbidden.

Your account was suspended for 30 days. Please PM me after 7/15 so I can continue to provide you further help.

Yo my account was suspended while I was in the middle of a 50$ purchase and it won’t let me cancel it so can you get the transaction cancelled for me and how long am I suspended for?

My invite code is:6MHVL4

Hello, I cancelled the transaction for you. Please.

Unfortunately since you were selling forbidden items such as accounts, I can’t provide you further help regarding the suspension.

How long am I banned for I know have $50 sat in an account I can’t use

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Look if I can’t use my $50 I will be forced to escalate the situation.

You’re permanently banned most likely. Selling accounts does that.

Well I want my money put back into my PayPal then

Hello! It has been 30 days since my account has been suspended, is it getting off suspension today? I have learned my lesson and will not do it again I don’t want my account suspended for any longer it kinda kills me to window shop on Gameflip lol

Try PMing Dunnbuscuit. I don’t think suspensions are removed automatically, but your suspension is expired so dunn will likely unsuspend you

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It’s currently the weekend so Dunn is probably partying
Give him a day or two to get to you :slight_smile:

Hey it’s been almost 2 days since I was told to message you to unsuspend my account, I seen you have been on for an hour and was wondering if you had forgotten or haven’t seen my messages?

Hello Dunn, I’d like some help, please check my post if you have the chance.

Dunn I was also suspended and was wondering for how long. My invite code is P7TJGX. If you could respond that would be great

Hello guys,

if you haven’t done so already, please PM so I can help you further.