Account Suspended With Phone number + Money on Account?

Ok so a week back I had an account (new account) because the old one had a purchase under review because some kid with -2 tried to give me a fake code. So I just left it and made a new one. Well the new account had money on it ($18) and I was gonna send it to my old one because my old one had my PayPal linked to it… so I made a item called “Dont Purchase” so people don’t purchase it, so I went on my new account and bought the don’t purchase so I can pull the money out. Well once I did I got hit with a suspension on both accounts, I can give a rats ■■■■ about the new account but my old account has $18 and my phone number linked to it so what do I do? (Btw the new account had my gfs number linked to it which is why it don’t matter she doesn’t use Gameflip)

Btw Already made 3 Reports and still nothing.

Invite Code: XPQX6M