Account Suspended/Money Inside

Hi my account was suspended and I found out that selling accounts is prohibited but I didn’t know that at all , was my mistake and Im regretbly sorry for what I did , was my first time on this web site and I was loving it , I have no idead that was forbidden I was having a good rating on my profile 15/1/1 I always tried to make my customers happy even when they treated me bad , Im not a scammer or anything like that but now I can’t even withdraw the money wich I won by myself with effort and work , I feel sad and sorry about this situation but I would be really thankful and a appreciate for getting a second chance, I acknowledge that what I did was a big mistake

Thank you

You can appeal to support by creating a ticket. In the Invite Code part, put in the full phone number you registered on Gameflip, since you can’t go to your profile to view the Invite Code while you’re suspended. Copy what you posted here to the Description part.

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