account suspended with 160$ on it

my gf acc was suspended with 160$ on it without any normal reasson my code is WLMWSJ

You should have received an email explaining your suspension. Were you selling accounts or asking people to rate you first?

Yes i asked people to rate up because they always forget to rate up but i always gaved keys that works so i dont know whats the problem acctualy i didnt do anything wrong only to rate me up because they recived their stuff and they didnt rate me up

I did not ask them first to rate up to get the key but i was suspended for that it was mistake by gameflip

Well then, you know the reason for suspension already - asking to rate first.

Look like you already know how it works, the buyer has 3 days to complete the transaction (by rating), so why did you have to ask? You can “remind” the buyer to rate after delivery of the item/code by simply sending them a message.

If the buyer uses mobile app, he likely would get a notification when you send him a message to remind him to rate (after delivery of working product).

Yes i was just reminding them i dont know whats the problem i know the rules


Can you please send me your invite code via PM so I can check this for you?