Suspended for asking users to rate before receiving item?

Got this email 3 days ago:
Hi 002,

We’ve suspended your account for the following reason:

Asking users to rate the transaction before sending the item/code

You can check my listings, I have never EVER asked someone to rate before getting their stuff. Why was I banned? I have ~$150 in my account which is a lot for me, and I can’t do anything with that money now. My invite code: Z1VRYQ

Still waiting… Reply to my ticket was copy paste so I hope I’d actually get an answer here


I’m checking your case right now.

As soon as I have an answer I’ll let you know.

Thank you.

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After investigating, your account I saw that your account is associated to other rate first scammer directly.

Due to that I’m unable to provide you further help and your acocunt will remain suspended.